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Michael Overright

Edward and Michael started Overright trucking in 1991 with a single truck. Edward a former boiler maker who has served in the military he  has worked on power plant boilers and in the oil field and has driven and maintained trucks for most of his life.

Michael has worked in the oil field most of his adult life in varying phases of the oil production. Such as rigup, rostabought, hot shot, water hauling and others.

Issac grew up in the oil field and around trucks helping his dad and granddad service and maintain trucks and equipment from the day he could hold a wrench. Issac is currently in collage studying to be a petroleum engineer.        



fred blair
brad smith
michael overright



Michael the man in charge of keeping operations running.

Part pusher, part driver, part mechanic, part bookkeeper  the one in charge of keeping the invoicing right and fair, the one who spends nights and weekends down at the shop so the equipment is ready to go the next day.



Brad the full time dispatcher in charge of getting the water hauled, gauging tanks, dispatching drivers, and keeping field operations running smoothy.

Brad Smith



Fred's a part time dispatcher, and driver, when he's not filling in for Brad he's out getting the water hauled or both.

Fred Blair
Overright Trucking

Our office is located at 414 E Murry Dr Farmington, New Mexico 87401

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